Uncharted (Unexpected Book 3)Uncharted by Claudia Y. Burgoa
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Uncharted by Claudia Y. Burgoa Rating 5 stars
I thought this was another great read by Claudia, I loved Jacob Decker’s story the best out of all three books. I must say uncharted was the best one of the series and is also the third book in the series. I think I loved both characters the best Jacob and Pria. Again the story was dual point of views of Jacobs and Pria. I like the writing style and the flow of the story line. Kind of like a second chance love story Jacob and Pria has, which are my favorite kind of love.

Jacob and Pria meets as young adults, where Jacob was kind, sweet, had a passion for music. They were a young couple in love. Then disaster strikes and Jacob and Pria are forced apart. But fate strikes and they meet again ten years later, except Jacob isn’t the same person again. He’s cold, distant, hates the world, angry, bitterness, guilt and a lot of loss in his life.

Which I did felt bad for Jacob, and I felt really bad for Pria because when she meets Jacob again he’s not the same person she fell in love with.

But they eventually find their way to each other, heal together. And that’s what I love most about this story. But so much emotion and angst which I love, I love books packed with that.
Highly recommend this read.
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