Infinity (Xandrian Series Book 1)Infinity by Allaina Daniels
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If you are looking for a different type of romance that is somewhat in the paranormal realm of things, then I highly suggest this book. Ms. Daniels has done an amazing job with this novel and I recommend it to anyone who wants to take a chance on it. Carmen and Gabriel are both very different, but yet they are somewhat the same. They both have abilities though they are different from each other, and Gabriel and his family and friends are all there to help Carmen when things get tough for her. They go through so much and find out so many different things, mainly things about Carmen and her past and her parents. Carmen works with animals as her day to day job and her best friend is also her boss. She has seen Gabriel in her dreams and knows that she is destined to meet him. She doesn’t know his name and she doesn’t know when or where she will meet him only that she will. Gabriel has seen her in his dreams and knows that she is his soul mate, but again he doesn’t know her name only that they will meet and he knows when she is close to him. As a couple and as a team they work so very well together, helping each other in harmony, which is nice to see in a couple who is working together even if it isn’t in the day to day job. Again I love the work Ms. Daniels has done in this book and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from her!

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