Stacey: The Twin (book 2)Stacey: The Twin by R.G Miller
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This is one of the best suspense novels that I have read to date. Detectives Isis and Toni are two very intriguing women who are not only partners on the force but in civilian life as well. They work extremely well together and I love how this story tells different details about their case as they work through it. You do not get introduced to who Stacey is right off in the book, but you do learn somewhat early on who she is and what she means to the story. Stacey has a lot of issues and the loss that she has suffered on top of all of the mental issues that she seems to have just spur her on throughout this book. This is not the end of the line in this series, so please go into this book knowing that there is going to be more to come. I know that I normally read more on the romantic side of things, but this book really got to me and I felt what the characters felt as I read this book. If you like suspense novels, please take the time to read this book and honestly I also recommend anything that this author has written due to how well this book reads. I know that in the beginning it may be somewhat hard to get into the book, it was for me, but I continued to read and really fell in love with the story and the different characters in this novel. Isis and Toni seem to balance each other out temperament wise due to Isis having a temper that is easily brought out and Toni knows just how to calm her down no matter the situation. I cannot wait to see what transpires in the continuation of this story!

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