Uniquely Mine: A Fitz SeriesUniquely Mine: A Fitz Series by Theresa Sederholt
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Uniquely Mine By Theresa Sederholt

This is a mystery and a romance all in one. Fitz and MJ have known each other for years, seeing as Fitz is best friends with MJ’s brother Andy and lives in her parents basement. MJ owns an elite BDSM club and is a very feisty and independent woman. Fitz is a detective and is severely protective over MJ. While they are falling even more in love with each other, there is a serial killer that is reeking havoc on their town and putting fear in everyone. When Fitz realizes that the killer is focused on MJ he takes the threat even more seriously then most people would and promptly puts things in motion to make sure she is always safe. When she is kidnapped, Fitz does everything possible to get her back. MJ hates that she isn’t able to go about her daily life as normal, but completely understands why Fitz is being so protective over her even if she doesn’t fully realize that he is in love with her and has been for years. If you are looking for a really good book that has all kinds of twists and turns this is definitely the book for you. When you find out who the killer is and just how he has come to find MJ and what all he has done and will continue to do, you will be shocked but so immersed in the book that you won’t want to put it down at all. Ms. Sederholt has created a group of marvelous characters and had me immersed in her book so easily that I will definitely recommend her books to other readers.

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