All the Broken Places (The Healing Edge, #1)All the Broken Places by Anise Eden
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This five star read, will not leave you disappointed. All the broken places by Anise Eden is the first book in The Healing Edge Series. The authors writing in this book is great. You will find that there is some slight violence but not offensive in anyway. There isn’t any sexual content, besides some kissing and sexual references. The story is written in the first person.

Cate, lost her mother to suicide, and since she has felt lost and very alone. The only thing that has kept Cate together is her dedication to her job as a therapist. She feels connected to those that need her. Her depression becomes too much and in order to save herself and her job, she enters a program recommended by her boss, run by Dr. Angelina MacGregor and her son Ben. A 21-day program where Cate can come to terms with her life after her mother and maybe some answers to who and what she is, an empath. Ben MacGregor left the marines and now runs the MacGregor Group. While the characters who work with him are what many would call odd, they all have one thing is common, keep Cate safe from everyone including herself. Ben and Cate are both very drawn each other and for many reasons they fight it. Cates journey is emotional, she grows, and learns. Cate soon finds out what really brought her to the MacGregor group and she has to decide of this life, this attraction, this change is truly what she wants and needs.

Anise Eden, has taken paranormal romance, and kicked things up a notch. You have a mix of aura readings, healing crystals, empaths, mixed in with an amazing budding romance between two very strong characters. This book with touch so many areas from mental health, suicide, supernatural, and caring for those around you that really need you. Anise Eden created the most beautiful, loving, dedicated character when she created Cate Duncan. I myself, have never been a fan of paranormal, till I opened this book. I find myself looking forward to reading this whole series and any book written by Anise Eden.
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