Back of Beyond (Complicated Love Series Book 1)Back of Beyond by Neeny Boucher
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Sometimes the last person you want to be with is the only person you can’t live without. In “Back of Beyond”, Neeny Boucher shows us just how fine the line between love and hate really is. Dina and Riley have known each other all their lives. Their mothers are best friends but Dina and Riley have a long time of hate between them. Riley is best friends with Dina’s brother, Johnny, so he’s always around to torture the younger sister of his friend. She’s almost more of a sister to Riley since they grew up together, but close they are not. Riley has always been annoyed by his friend’s sister and constantly makes her want to leave when he’s around. Dina can’t wait for her brother and his friend to graduate and leave town for their band’s music career. The summer before the boys’ senior year, Dina and her best friends Bonnie and Mandy decide they need to make a change. Shy, loner girls no more! Dina has always been an outcast, being picked on relentlessly through the years. She has her close friends, but beyond that, she is a lost and lonely girl. Dina’s friends decide to make over Dina and forge their way into the high school social structure. After years of harassment from the popular girls, Dina and her friends insert themselves into a party thrown by Dina’s brother in an attempt to be cool, be noticed. The results of that party start the girls on a path towards finding themselves, and love, along the way. The author has a way of throwing you into the character’s lives and not letting you out. The complex relationships between friends, neighbors, families, and lovers keep your attention throughout the entire book. I quite literally couldn’t put it down and read it in one day. The intense rollercoaster of a relationship between Dina and Riley left me wanting to know more about them and their potential future. This book is the first in a series, but could be a standalone. I can’t wait to read the next book, “Lost in Flight”. One of my favorite quotes from this book is “This isn’t his first kiss, but it’s the right kiss. It makes all the other ones redundant.” Also, “It is the difference between dark and light. Her soul is full of sunshine. His has dark spots.” Those quotes are such good descriptions of Dina, Riley and their relationship. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a nice romance story. Five Stars!!

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