Bad Boys: A 16 Book Collection of Sexy Badasses, Broken Billionaires, and Hot AlphasBad Boys: A 16 Book Collection of Sexy Badasses, Broken Billionaires, and Hot Alphas by Alice Ward
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Wow, this collection of books was amazing. I admit, normally not a fan of book collections like this. But you are drawn right in from the very first page. Believable story lines, hot hot hot scenes, and characters you just fall in love with. These amazing series will have hour kindles burning up and missing sleep!!! You won’t want to put this down!!!

Lauren and Asher from, Unraveling the Billionaire will have to fall in love with two people stores that leave you turning page after page till you get to the end. So many supporting characters that I sure hope we hear more about. This story, hooked me onto this collection… And the stories just get better.

Hawk and Tracy from My Heart’s Desire is full of mystery, stalkers, and the turns this series makes, will have you hooked. The protectiveness Hawk feels for Tracy, really helped draw me into this series. The passion and fighting of emotions will have you cursing, but it is so so worth it.

Ahhhh, Alisa and Zek, my personal favorites!!! The Billionaire Prisoner is utterly amazing. From the childhood crushes, to needing to clear the name of the one who has always held your heart. The journey is long, painful, and maybe some tears but so worth it. Love can mend anything and that’s what Alisa and Zek taught me. The sex scenes between this two…. scorching!!!!!!

Burning Secrets, you meet Maddie who has had her heart broken by murdered husband. She is taken into Witness Protection and meets US Marshall Michael Weathers. Still hurting over her husband’s lies and secrets, she clings to Michael for strength and safety.

Each story was amazing in their own way, quick moving story lines you will love, and characters you JUST fall in love with. From the mystery, to the AMAZING HOT sex scenes, to the happily ever after. This had me hooked right away and you will NOT be disappointed in ANY way. I have never read Alice Ward, Helen Grey, or Jessica Blake but now I have and will continue!!!! Bravo ladies on amazing series’ and creating some new book boyfriends for me!!
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