Balls: Ball Games Book OneBalls: Ball Games Book One by Andie M. Long
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Balls by Andie M. Long begins with the typical high school athletic event: there are the stars of the game and those that assist them. Camille is our assist in this game and she feels every bit of being in the back. There are others that enter the story like Camille’s best friend, Beth, Camille’s brother, Tyler, and even Camille’s parents are an important and funny part of this story.
Dylan is in high school with Camille. In fact he shows us dangers of the social media while Camille proves that life can go on with out it.
Remember the athletic event I mentioned before? Well Camille was wearing the uniform required and while assisting, she had to stretch and the uniform did nothing to flatter her girly parts. Dylan choose that picture to share on social media and in the process humiliate Camille. Camille chooses to hold her head high, graduate and go away to college and even closing her social media accounts. After graduating college, Camille moves back home and decides to show everyone, including Dylan that she is not what that picture showed and that she is a successful, smart woman. Camille opens a child’s play center, which is a huge success.
Dylan wants to make up for all that he did wrong in high school. He’s successful in his own right and wants to prove to Camille that he liked her in high school and that picture just got out of control.

After too much to drink on a double date, someone gets the idea to go to Camille’s play center and have adult play time. A secret kiss in the dark leads to confusion between Camille and her date Jack, Dylan and Beth. Do these four make it out of the play center with their hearts intact?

A very sweet, quick read which gets 4 stars. There’s a little bit of steam which adds to this fun story.

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