Beautiful Mistake (Royal Pride, #2)Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan
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Beautiful Mistake Book 2 in The Royal Pride Series By Nancy Corrigan

Another great book by Nancy!

Book 1 Treasured Find introduced the Alexander Pride led by Kade. Book 2 picks up pretty much where the last one ended.
Devin Moore and Kade Alexander are on the hunt to rescue Molly from being sold into a Shifter trafficking ring. They wanted to bring Molly home and reunite her with her twin Megan that was now living with Josh.

Nothing is as easy as it seems. When Kade, Devin and Xander arrive they find Molly and and a human woman surrounded by close to a dozen shifter males. The human’s hand was twined with one of the largest lion shifters. A fight broke out and Devin took on quite a few of them by himself while Kade and Xander went in search of the little blonde haired girl they knew was Molly. They were unsuccessful in finding Molly but, a car flew out of the garage driven by the human so, Kade and Devin chased her down while Xander stayed back on clean up duty. They weren’t sure if the human was part of the shifter trafficking ring or an innocent but by her hand being twined with a shifter, they assumed she was not there to help Molly.
They chased the woman and found her car abandoned on the side of the road and went on foot looking for her but they weren’t the only ones after her. The lion shifters chased her too and had a grip on her but Devin stepped in. He fought the lions off and ended up injuring the woman In the process. She was losing blood quickly so he did all he knew how to do, he cut his wrist and put it to her mouth but she was not awake and couldn’t drink his blood. He didn’t want her die….couldn’t let her die. She was injured because of him. So he bit her neck, pushing a piece of his soul inside hers, linking him to her.

You find out the human ( Lena ) is actually Molly’s step sister and she was trying to save Molly from being sold. Molly was now with her other sister Gwen.

The sisters had plans to follow if they got separated and the knew not to trust anyone. Lena didn’t know it was safe to trust Devin. All she knew was him and Kade kidnapped her and wouldn’t let her go.

Devin started having feelings for Lena and wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He mated her and now feels that bond. Lena just wants to get away and meet her sisters.

In the time leading up to the day she is to meet her sisters, Lena’s cuts get seriously infected. They bring her to see a witch but they aren’t sure if Lena will make it Devin then licks her wounds and she is as good as new. Devin and Lena are not soul-bonded but Lena is his beloved human. She is a tough cookie and doesn’t give in to Devin. She fights him on just about everything. The only thing she doesn’t fight him on is finding Gwen and Molly. Lena is constantly thinking of how to get away from Devin. She is always turned on by him and always wants him close and doesn’t understand why. She has no idea she is his “beloved human” or even what that means. She’s always fighting her attraction to him

I can’t go into detail about what I really want to because it will ruin the book for you.

We see some of the same characters we did in book 1 like Devin, Mira, Kade, Josh, Rafe and Jazz. There are some new characters too…Dante, Vader, Lena, Gwen and Molly.

I’m interested in what happened between Vader and Gwen in the past? Hmmm!!

“I’m glad you were brave enough to accept me, every flawed inch of me, especially after what I did to you. I’m sorry our meeting had to happen that way. That it took a deadly mistake to bring us together. But you are the best damn one I’ve ever made. My beautiful mistake.”

The book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger but, for you to understand the why’s and how’s you should read the books in order
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