Beauty and the Bull Rider (Hotel Rodeo, #3)Beauty and the Bull Rider by Victoria Vane
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“Some of the best things in Life are without Explanation” “Life is too short to waste it”
“ The worst kind of Love is the one that is not returned” “ We never know what Life has in store for us, who will come and who will go, but we should treasure second we have.” Delaney McCall had it all going on, or that’s what she thought. She comes from a wealthy family in Texas who spoiled her as long as she toed the line. Her family controlled whatever she did, thought, spoke, and she was tired of it. Delaney decides to get back at her parents by marring a cowboy. Ty Morgan and Zac McDaniel took notice of her but it was Ty who won the honor of marrying her. She had this fantasy of living on the farm and raising a family with the white picket fence. After a year she decides she has had enough of Ty not coming home so they divorce. So Delaney went back to school learning all about bulls and how to make bucking bulls scientifically. She has worked hard in a man’s world to be respected. Delaney soon finds herself lonely and wants a baby but not the old fashioned way. She wants her baby to have all the good parts so she decides to as Ty to provide her with sperm. He balks at the idea since he is in a relationship. Ty has a talk with Zac wanting him to become his partner with the ranch Tom left him. Zac say’s yes he was ready to hang up h is bull riding days and settle down. Ty tells him of Delaney’s plan wanting his sperm for a baby. This gives Zac the in he needs, he just has to get Delaney to trust him and he knows that will take time. He wants to be the one for her stud service. After waiting 8 years standing by the side waiting on Delaney he finally is making his move. Zac has always loved Delaney and wished she picked him all those years ago. Zac wants the wife, the family and to make a home with her. The only problem Delaney has no desire to make a baby the old fashioned way. But the more she is around Zac, she sees a softer more romantic side to him. Zac is determined to make Delaney see how good they are together and will do whatever it takes to make her see his way of thinking. Will Delaney learn to trust Zac, or is there too many bad feelings for her to let go. This story has it all, drama, romance, comedy, and just plain sexy. A must read!
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