Becoming (The Limitless Series Book 3)Becoming by Danielle Ione
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Gay. Bisexual. Lesbian. These words were never a part of my vocabulary growing up. In fact, those words were something of a sin in my household.

Limitless: Becoming by Danielle Ione is the third book in the Limitless series. We get to see Lily’s story. Lily is tired of acting like the person she is not, it’s time to finally be who she really is.

Lily’s roommate Mickey call’s Cambria and invites her to a party in hopes of her connecting with Lily and helping her accept her sexuality.
‘It was an uncomfortable and kind of fragile situation, I knew that, but I couldn’t stand to hear of someone else going through that by themselves, even if it was a decision they made themselves.

Lily agrees to let Cambria be her gay tour guide. As they spend time together Lily and Cambria start to connect and have feelings for each other. ‘I wasn’t going to regret anything, not today, just for one day, I wanted to give in to my desires.’

When Lily finally opens up to Cambria and wants to pursue a relationship, Cam pushes Lily away due to her being hurt in the past. Will she be able to get past it and move forward? I was so proud of Lily during a very intense scene regarding another gay couple, I was so proud of her. You will experience several emotions during the read, and you get to see into the lifestyle and what they go through with struggles and other people’s stupidity. Cam also reveals a secret to Lily, how will she react to it? Lily takes a huge step by visiting her parents and telling them the truth. WIll they support Lily or push her away? The secondary characters added a great element to the story. Limitless:Becoming does not have a cliffhanger and can be read as a stand alone.
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