Beneath the VineBeneath the Vine by Lillian Bryant
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Beneath the Vine Written by Lillian Bryant I can honestly say that this book slayed me. It undid me and had me feeling so many gut wrenching emotions I was in a tail spin. This book is wonderfully written and the author did a Fantastic job with the story line and the characters. The characters, what can I say about the characters. They were wonderfully written and you felt like you were lost in the story with them. You felt what they felt and through out the story and I found myself sobbing like a baby. This was a very intense story and I had to walk away from it several times because I was so emotional and I needed to get a grip on my emotions. Selene Cavalier was a gifted chello player. She spent her life perfecting her craft. Her dream was to teach in California at a prestigious school. Bennett Monterosso was a business man and money hungry. He did what he had to do to get his family’s winery up and running including getting in bed with the cartel. He hated he resorted to this but it was the only way to get it up and running and fast. Gage Calibri and Bennett had been life long friends. Both had over the years shared women. It had been five years since they had seen each other, since Clare. She had almost destroyed them. After her Gage left New York and moved to LA. He decided after what happened with Clare he would become a DEA Agent. This was why he was coming back to New York to see Bennett and gather intel on his operation. He had to find out how deep his friend was in with the cartel. Selene was scheduled to play for the grand opening of Bennett’s winery. Once Bennett saw her he knew he had to have her. She played like an angel, so pure and sweet. Gage also made his appearance and noticed Selene too. He knew he wanted her too. Selene was intrigued and never had anyone have this affect on her. She felt guilty for falling for two men at the same time. Selen: “I have for the first time found what I can truly live-I have found you. You are my sympathy-my better self-my good angel-I am bound to you with a strong attachment.” Jane Eyre Never trust yourself in a man’s bed. It’s a ruse, you are just his last breath. Lust is a Liar…and Love takes victims. I had let lust cloud my judgement. I had been duped…..I had let love make me a casualty. This is what love feels like, it was colorful with brilliant facet’s of light, it was a salvation and this time in this moment, I was finally being blessed with it’s touch. We are all ruined by love, we all got a personal look at how love could damage, burn, and bleed through you. It took us hostage, made us victim’s and almost made us forget why we would even wanted to love in the first place.

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