Broken by DesireBroken by Desire by Dani René
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Cassandra Winters is tired, worn out, and ready for a major change. She’s had things happen to her that has left her broken. She can’t forget her past, and it haunts her a lot. She needs to get away. She makes the move from New York to Los Angeles, California. She has a job possibility and is risking it all by getting away. It helps that her best friend Kenna will be joining her in California soon. She begins to learn the city and has found her favorite coffee shop. She notices the most sexy, breathtaking man she’s ever seen in this coffee shop. Cassie is drawn to him. She doesn’t think she can handle another relationship, but what she would give to take that man to bed. Lucien Veran is the hot, sexy man Cassie notices, and of course he notices her too. He’s attracted to her in every possible way. He doesn’t do relationships though; he’s just looking for a one night stand. No emotions or strings attached, just rough sex. He likes to dominant in the bedroom, and when he sees Cassie he knows it’s just a matter of time before he’ll be dominating her in every way possible in the bedroom. A twist of events has Lucien and Cassie spending a lot of time together. They begin to form a physical relationship, and an emotional one too. Lucien has never felt like this before, and he’s not used to the idea of sharing feelings. But there’s something about Cassie that makes him want a relationship. Cassie doesn’t want her past secrets to resurface, but there’s something about Lucien that makes her want to be completely honest and truthful to be able to love unconditionally. As secrets come out and the past threatens what desire they have between each other, will Cassie and Lucien be able to stay together and love unconditionally? This was a fabulous read! The author does such a great job detailing the passion and sexual tension between the two. The twist of events throughout the book will keep you reading from start to end. Highly recommended!

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