Broken Faith (Spiritual Discord, #1)Broken Faith by Brandy Nacole
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“Broken Faith” is the first book in the Nacole’s Spiritual Discord Series and the first of Nacole’s that I have read. She hooks you from the prologue and keeps you entranced with this young adult paranormal book. Nacole presents her characters as angels, hell hounds that are shifters, vampires, and humans. Her heaven vs. hell theme brings us a series that everyone can read, even if the paranormal novels aren’t your normal cup of tea.

Sabrina is a vampire trying to remain hidden from everyone and everything for the past 100 years. She stumbles upon Kayson, a fallen angel, who has lost his faith in God. He is hurt badly in the woods and, even though they are sworn enemies, she decides to help him. She takes him to a quiet house in a quiet neighborhood and sneaks them into a shed of a house where no one seems to be home. Sabrina needs to hide Kayson and herself from the hell hounds, otherwise known as demons ruled by Lucifer, that are out to destroy any and all vampires and angels. However, Kayson and Falon, the Alpha hound, have a history and this makes the situation that much dire. While Sabrina and Kayson are hiding from the hounds, Emma, part-time waitress and college student, arrives at her parents’ home to water the plants while they are out of town. While she is there, Emma discovers her paranormal visitors and now things really get interesting! After learning about this complicated, surreal world that Sabrina and Kayson are from, Emma has trouble digesting all of this new information. Once she processes everything and confides in her bestie, and secret crush, Briston, Emma vows to help Kayson and Sabrina. Though she has an immediate connection with the fallen angel, her relationship with the vampire is strenuous at first. Sabrina isn’t sure if they can trust a human and she knows that Kayson has a “thing” for her even though they are supposed to be enemies and Sabrina has no soul.

Nacole’s “Broken Faith” is a spiritual journey that takes readers on a ride through the realms of heaven and hell right here on Earth. Throughout this novel, we see the faith that is broken in Kayson and how Sabrina, Emma, and Briston help him regain his faith. I can’t wait to read the second book in the Spiritual Discord series!

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