Brooklyn Rockstar (Kendall Family #1)Brooklyn Rockstar by Jennifer Ann
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This book has your HEA. This book tells the story of Charlie Walker and Evelyn Kendall. This book tells the story of the ups and downs of their romance.

Charlie Walker is the rock star that everybody wants and a lot of women have had. His band hit the big time then his brother went missing. After his drummer went missing he decides to go solo. Going solo was harder than he though. He has always been about the parties and the groupies till playing at a local bar and he spots the most stunning women he has ever seen.
Evelyn Kendall is a small town girl that just moved to Brooklyn Heights. Her roommate is her best friend that she met online and talked her into getting away from her over protective family. She grew up with older brothers thinking they could control her love life. She starts working for a local bar that her roommate helped her get. This is where she meets Charlie Walker and her world changes.

Charlie finally tracks Evelyn down after seeing her at his concert at the local bar. He goes back to the bar daily to find her. She is not aware that is what he has done. He finally talks with her and that is the start of the paparazzi blow up. Then decide to hide their relationship from everyone but her roommate. She is scared for her family to find out. When the truth about them comes out it changes everything for the both of them. She is not sure that she can stand by his side. He is sure he has to do everything that he can to keep her by his side.
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