Claimed by LoveClaimed by Love by Melissa Foster
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Claimed by Love by Melissa Foster rt of the Love in Bloom series. This is the second book that follows the Ryders. This is the first book of Melissa Foster’s that I have read, but I will be reading more of her work. I really want to see where these stories begin as each book brings characters from previous books into its fold. Anyway…Claimed by Love follows Duke Ryder and Gabriella Liakos and their journey to love.

Duke arrives on Elpitha Island all suit and tie and nice shoes. Gabriella Liakos is a native of Elpitha and is in love with her home. Duke is there to invest in the property. Gabriella is there to dissuade him—or to make sure he doesn’t ruin the island she calls home.

Duke is instantly attracted to Gabriella. She is smart and headstrong. She is beautiful and feisty. She makes Duke think twice about his future. Gabriella finds Duke attractive. Her meddling family is constantly trying to push them together. She has to put the island first, but she is also wanting to explore this attraction. The attraction is instant. The chemistry is on fire. They can’t resist one another.

Duke is the sweetest man I think I’ve ever encountered in a book. He’s also a dirty talking, gorgeous piece of man. And. He. Is. Passionate. “I want to have you beneath me, to sink into you so deep that you feel me the next day. I want to see you shivering with need, then exploding with passion….” He’s amazing. And Gabriella is a goner no matter how hard she tries to fight it. Even with the negotiations over the future of Elpitha, Duke is persistent in his pursuit of Gabriella. Apparently unwavering confidence had a name, and it was Duke Ryder. And she’d never seen anything so hot.
They come together. They are explosive. They are everything I want in a relationship. Duke is everything I need. “I want this to last. My first taste of you, the first time you trusted me, the first time your hands played over my flesh…” “Open your eyes, baby. I want to see you as we come together for the first time.” “Trying to gain control. I want to last and, baby, if I sink into you now it’s goin got be rough, and fast, and …f**k…I’m sorry.”

But as hot and rough and dirty as this man is, he is also sweet and caring and supportive. “It takes a special man not to feel threatened by a smart, headstrong girl like you. And it takes a generous, loving heart to want to nurture that strength, to push you outside your comfort zone, instead of tamping it down or trying to control it.”

The love is semi-instant, but it is beautiful. Just read it. This is one of those rare books that aren’t full of angst and the “problem” isn’t a complete deal-breaker. I can’t wait to see where Melissa Foster takes the rest of the Ryders! And if all of her books are as much fun as this one, I will forever be a loyal reader!

“I promise to always hit your *-spot and never, ever to make you swallow.”
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