Clayton (Bourbon & Blood Book 2)Clayton by Seraphina Donavan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Walking away from your life, your wife, your child, your happiness is hard, but doing it to protect them makes it even harder. Clayton wants revenge on his father, while the hiding and lies, Annalee does what she needs and asks for a divorce.

Clayton and Annalee both love each other deeply and passionately. Clayton, who wants revenge on his father, has pulled away from his family. Annalee knows her husband is distant, knows there is lies. She gives him his chance to come clean, to protect her he doesn’t talk. Annalee asks for a divorce and Clayton walks away. Through this book, lies are exposed, love is what drive’s this story, people are hurt, and sometimes the enemies offer the help you need. What I love about these two main characters is, no matter the anger or disappointment, they are always there for one another. Every time they are together, the love is so apparent. Clayton wants to love his family, and be whole again. But saving the family business his father destroyed, protecting his mother, and uncovering his father’s lies has taken over all areas of his life. Annalee wants her husband back, she wants the passion, the man he was before his father destroyed everything. You will travel a road of two people who love each other, but, life happened.

I did not read the first book in this series, but I will now, I would say reading the first book may help as I was slightly confused on details I am sure held more details. Seraphina Donovan pulls you in with love, lies, and betrayal. The Supporting characters will leave you begging for their books, I am rooting for Quentin next, as he is very interesting and seeing him fall hard, will be exciting to read about. The story is heart wrenching, you will feel the pain both Annalee and Clayton feel, you will get angry, you will cry, but overall you will walk away knowing love can overcome anything. This 4-star book is well written and definitely an author I will be watching to read more of her work.

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