Cover Up (Cover Series 2)Cover Up by Kim Black
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Running and hiding is what Emily does best when her life gets complicated. But this time she may have made the biggest mistake of her life. Sobbing, Emily questions herself about why she always runs and tries to hide from her life when things get hard to handle, but she knows why and just can’t help herself. All Emily really wants is for the lies and hidden secrets to stop and her life to be right. Suddenly her thoughts go haywire in her head. Her world just went silent, dark and cold.

The man that is deeply in love with her sits day after day waiting for some response from his beautiful Emily. He has to make her understand what she saw in his office is not what it seems. He needs her but there is one huge problem he has to rid his life of before they can have a life. He is now determined to solve the issue. Adam her x- boyfriend has decided he can’t live without her and loves her deeply even though he has recently been with Diana one of the women that Emily loves and admires. She has a number of truths for Emily to here. Diana doubts their friendship will survive what she has to tell her. Emily has a very long road ahead of her and decisions to make about all the people who seem to be strangers to her. Kim Black has written another installment that can’t be put down. I felt all the emotions these characters felt and the struggles Emily is going through. This is a must read!! So start with Discovered. You will be glad you did. Can’t wait to see how Emily’s story continues!
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