Cut to the Chase (Dangerous Love, #2)Cut to the Chase by Elle Keating
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What an emotional and suspenseful roller coaster of a read. I was captured right from the beginning. We start with a hot and steamy moment between Chase and Erin. Wow, what a way to start a book.

Chase want’s Erin to move in with him but she has a stalker/rapist that is threatening the safety of her loved ones. She is hesitant to move in with him for fear that something will happen to him. They decide to meet with a profiler to help find her rapist.

Mia use to be a profiler and has been asked by her uncle to meet with Chase and Erin to help them figure out who Erin’s rapist is. Mia also has some of her own secrets and gets Erin to open up by sharing some with her This connection helps Mia understand why her uncle asked her to meet with Erin.

Paul is Erins brother and is a little skeptical about Mia’s ability to help his sister. Both Paul and Erin have suffered a great loss with the death of their parents. Paul had witnessed Erin’s rape and has been left in utter turmoil ever since. He hasn’t been with a woman since.
He simply couldn’t take the risk of losing something or someone else in his life.

Both Paul and Mia seem to have an instant connection. Paul is confused about the feelings he is having and shows a little bit of a rude side to Mia.
What could he possibly say, Sorry for sounding so cold a moment ago, but It’s the only way I know how to combat the fire that you seem to have ignited within me.

Will they find the rapist before he attacks again? Will Paul and Mia make a connection? Will Chase and Erin get their HEA?.

There were a few shocking moments that gave my heart a workout. Limitless does not have a cliffhanger and I really enjoyed the epilogue I wouldn’t mind seeing more on Mia and Paul. Thank you for the great read, I suggest you 1-Click and get started today.
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