Deadly Betrayal (The Rockford Security Series Book 1)Deadly Betrayal by Lee Anne Jones
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This book has your HEA. This book tells the story of January Winters and Dino Machiavelli. This book could be read as a standalone. This is the first book of the Rockford Security Series. I really enjoyed how the author kept up with the current day of the characters but also referenced to their past so that you could get the full story of the characters of the book.
January Winters is a famous country music star. With the fame and fortune came a stalker. The stalker starts out simple with just text and emails. She feels that she handle that much. Then her manager convinces her that she needs to hire a body guard when items are left for her. She does not feel that she needs one but agrees. Till she sees who the body guard is and want to change her mind.
Dino Machiavelli was the high school football star. Went to college on a football scholarship. Then when he blew out his knee and was left with a lot of debt having to figure out what to do with the rest of his life was not so easy. He took some criminal law classes hoping to go on the Police Force. They would not take him due to his knee injury. The his best friend Blake offered him a security job, so he took it. He was the best in the business.
When Dino walked back into January’s life after fifteen years he is not sure that he can do the assignment that he is pushed into. He discovers that his feelings for January went away after all of these years. He keeps telling himself that he has to stick with the job and put his feelings aside. He is determined to find the stalker that is getting closer and closer to January. She is fighting the same battle that Dino is fighting with her feelings. They are afraid that it is too late for them to get back what they had fifteen years before. They realize almost too late that the stalker is closer to Jan than what should be. Can they catch the stalker before it is too late? What will happen with all of the feelings they both have when all this is done.
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