Dex (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #1)Dex by Jayne Blue
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After 13 years of being behind bars Dex is finally free. Now on his way back to Green Buff and the Great Wolves. After being put away on some trumped up chargers only to have his daughter do unthinkable thing just to prove he was set up. He was finally released and on his way to the M.C now run by his best friend Sly. Sly is trying to get them away from all the old stuff that took the M.C down a path they never should have been. Only that’s easier said than done especially because the one that put him away George Pagano still wants a piece of the M.C. Only it’s a piece none of them are willing to give up, not anymore.

Ava a nurse was once so madly in love with Dex, it broke her when Dex went inside. Now after 2 tours, her biggest shocker yet is seeing Dex for the first time in 13 years. She thought she was over him, only to be sucked back into that life. After a call about a stabbing victim and thinking it was Dex she throws herself head first but is she able to handle the guns flying at her, especially after her time in the military.

Dex has so much to figure out, with his president and best friend backing him he decides to choose Ava. Start from scratch with the love of his life. Only he didn’t have to do that because Ava wants all of him and that includes the life of an outlaw biker.

My favorite quote from Ava is “Dex. My Dex. Now and always, I was his.”
My favorite quote from Dex is “The roar of my Harley ran through my body, heated my blood and seemed to work is way into my soul.”
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