Dracones Awakening (Dracones, #1)Dracones Awakening by Sheri-Lynn Marean
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Tierney is a young women living with her dad and 2 family friends. They all work as private I’s helping to locate missing people and other private I work. She Jax and Sami have been friends since she was 5 years old. This character is compassionate to the extreme and because she wears her heart on her sleeve, she endures so much at the hands of the Ilyium and now her father is missing.

She has loved Jax since childhood and hopes that he will realize that she is his soulmate. She has been Jax’s Sanctuary long before he returned to them after being taken away by Marcius. Jax is a protector, and has suffered deeply because of it. He struggles with himself and the self-hate and doubt that clog his vision, skewing his perception of himself. He is definitely the Brooding reluctant love of Tierney’s life. He has survived impossible odds, defended his brother Sami, and tried to keep himself intact for so long letting anyone else in seams abhorrent to him. He sees himself as unworthy unlovable and unclean. and with reason his baggage appears insurmountable.

It’s Tierney’s job to show him that her love for him is limitless, that she has always and will always be there for him, that because he has had an awful past does not mean that he cannot be loved or that he is incapable of showing love. She needs him to see how genuine her love is and that together they can withstand anything, he needs to realize that with her help, together they can overcome his past and he can begin to heal.

But before that can happen the family has trials and tribulations that wreak havoc on their lives. Sami believes he is dreaming of his soulmate and she needs rescuing, Zander is missing and they need to find him before his is broken and lost to them.

Toren is a missing wolf that they have been asked to find, his uncle Soroyan can help with the search but will it be help or hindering them. Kyrain king of the Okimi and Torens father is a fount of knowledge and helps in unexpected ways.

Thaniel is a helpless stray Jax and Tierney take in but there is strength in him, he just has to realize it. Genna/ Devil girl and Caden are also strays taken in but something makes Tierney uneasy about them and you’re just going to have read the book to find out why. This book was full of action, passion, and heartbreak, some of the contents is not for the faint of heart and is Graphic. Would I recommend it absolutely!
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