Drive (Hot Rides, #1)Drive by Sidney Bristol
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Drive by Sidney Bristol was a thrilling 5 star read.
Action, Crime, FBI, Roller Derby, Hot Muscle Cars, Romance

This is the first book in the Hot Rides series.

Aiden DeHart is working undercover for the FBI, using his garage as a front. He has been hired by Dustin a drug dealer to get something from his ex-wife. This is where we meet Madison a very strong willed woman.

Madison made a huge mistake in marrying Dustin. Since their divorce she has been trying to move on and rebuild her life. She is going to school and has joined a Roller derby team. She unfortunately has taken something of Dustin’s that is very important to him. When she meets Aiden her lady parts start to stir along with her suspicions. She has been burned several times by her ex, has Aiden been sent by Dustin?

Nothing is sexier than saying “Hi, my name is Madison and I’m newly divorced after being separated for three years,” Then again, leading with Hi, want to give my lady parts a tune up? Probably wasn’t a good idea either.”

When Aiden meets Madison it is instant attraction. He needs to have the right approach in getting what he wants from her. As he gets to know her he realizes that she is an innocent and has no idea what she has taken. They both struggle with trust issues. Will Aiden be able to get Madison to trust in him and help him get Dustin out of her life for good?

Her heart said she was doing the right thing, but her head wasn’t sure. Trust sucked sometimes.

The plot was great. I really enjoyed the muscle cars, street racing and roller derby piece. It added some excitement along with getting the bad guys.The attraction and sex was off the charts for Aiden and Madison, very hot. The secondary characters were great, we get to see a little bit of each which gets me excited to see more from them in the upcoming series. The ending was intense, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. We do get to see a HEA for these two, however I can’t help but feel like there might be a little bit more for them. 1-Click and get started with this great new series today. Thank you for a great read Sidney Bristol, I will definitely be following this series.
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