Fatal Games (The Rockford Security Series Book 2)Fatal Games by Lee Anne Jones
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What happens when the overachieving journalist and the genius computer game creator come together in this mystery romance novel? A book you won’t want to put down!!

Fatal Games, the second book in the Rockford Security series, is a mystery and romance book wonderfully melded together into a book you won’t want to put down. Find out what happens when two alpha characters come together and attraction that is off the charts.

Laura Rockford, a Las Vegas journalist is very tired of her “fluff” stories she keeps getting and wants a story that will get her more serious stories. When she stumbles upon a murder, she instantly knows she needs the scoop. Her brother, who works for the security company is her first stop as he was a cop. She learns the murder are close to a popular internet game called Vegas Nior. All signs lead to the games creator Mike McQuaid and that’s exactly where Laura goes. Mike McQuaid, genius and homebody knows he isn’t guilty of the crimes that resemble his popular game. Cops are sniffing around making him nervous as he does have some skeletons in his closet. When Mike and Laura get together, sparks fly, attitudes spark, and sexual tension is high. Laura learns, Mike is not your typical computer geek. When the attraction becomes too much, Laura fears Mike just might be the killer. When tragedy is about to strike, can Mike save Laura? When the twists strike, be prepared to be shocked.

This intriguing book, written by three authors, is so well written and blended together. I enjoyed the amazing sex scenes, the twist and turns, and the dual narration that helps get into both minds of Laura and Mike. This was my first Lee Anne Jones book but I will add this will not be my last. The mystery, left me constantly wondering who the killer was till the very end of the book. You will question every character which makes this book even more readable. Is Mike the killer? Who is making the city of Las Vegas unsafe? What secrets will come out? Will Laura and Mike get their happy ending? Click, read, and find out.
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