Fatal SubmissionFatal Submission by Nicole Austin
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This book contains sexual abuse, Kidnapping, and BDSM if you have problems reading about this then this book isn’t for you.
This is my first book by Nicole Austin and I got to say she had me from the first page with this erotic horror story with a tame BDSM setting. I couldn’t put it down.
We meet Claire Hanson who is an inexperienced submissive in need of a Dom. She meets Mason who seems like the perfect Dom for her but he keeps cancelling the dates they have made. Luckily for Claire that she has met Dr. Carl Skinner’s who seems like this really great guy at the park who has offered to help her feel her way through BDSM and all of its many facets.
Mason Burke is an ex-marine and a Dom and he is very particular about finding the perfect submissive so he wants to understand her wants and desires. He has learned from experience not to jump into a D’S relationship with an inexperienced sub. But work comes first for Mason so he keeps canceling on Claire.
We also have Dr. Carl Skinner’s who seems too perfect to be true. He informs her that he has a dungeon in his house while willingly helps Claire with Mason’s checklist of BDSM activities and seems to listen when she is unsure of some of these activities.
After Mason breaks another date Claire decides she has had enough and goes to Carl’s house so he can give her what she craves right away, the impulsive and impatient Claire decides to go for it. But he has other things on his mind.
The characters are well thought out and well written their descriptions give you a pretty good insight into their lives. Ms. Austin has done a fabulous job of showing just what can happen when you trust the wrong people.

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