Favorite Obsession (Royal Pride, #3)Favorite Obsession by Nancy Corrigan
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Favorite Obsession The Royal Pride series by Nancy Corrigan
Josh is a human in love with a Royal shifter but with all the pride leaders warning him off he has to find a way to be with her. The odds of him getting past them and reaching through her doubts are against him. After being wounded strange thing start happening to him but he continues to ignore them.

Mira is a shifter who has suffered a lot. She has worked hard to find her independence and work within the rules of her Pride. She can barely admit that she feels a connection between herself and Josh, let alone deal with the messy business that is the shifter council. She is so full of doubt and she has no idea how it would work or if it would be allowed for her to mate a human pride member. She is prophesied to bring change for shifters, but if so how could Josh be her soulmate, he is human.
When the shifter council decrees that she must take a mate, she has a month to pick a mate, and be mated or they will pick a mate for her.
Having been forcefully mated before, she feels the walls closing in on her. She has no desire to mate, let alone the men her alpha selects for her to court, including Kade himself. She wants love, not to be a breeder, or not to be wanted only because of a prophecy, a vessel for Immortality.
When Aaron the shifter her father promised her to, walks into town and declares he wants to claim her, it complicates things. But things only get worse when the council recommends a shifter named Micah, who is nephew to her previous abuser. He is intent on mating Mira and has no qualms about how it happens.
In order for Josh and Mira to be together, he has to listen to his body and listen to his dreams. Mira has to trust Josh and admit out loud that she loves him despite how impossible it seems. Can they do it? Can Josh overcome all the obstacles in his path? Will Mira’s love Make the difference?

Not being a fan of the dominance and submission genre, it surprised me how subtle and natural it is in this novel. It was very well written and having read other novels from this series and from this author, its money well spent. It’s a fantastic and fun read!

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