Finally UnbrokenFinally Unbroken by Maria Macdonald
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I started reading this book with a pre-conceived notion of what it was going to be about and I was partially correct. What I did not fully expect was the heartbreak. I underestimated the power of the pen when Marie MacDonald wields it. I will not make that mistake again.

Anabel is not happy in her marriage and seems like she never will be happy again. That is, until she gets the strength to remember who she used to be and leave her husband. She gets that strength from her best friend, her chosen sister, her soul mate Amanda. Amanda moves back from Paris to deal with a personal tragedy. Since Anabel’s parents died years ago, Amanda is the only “family” she has, so when faced with the possibility of not having Amanda around just when she got her back, Anabel finds the strength she needs, enough for both of them. Then we meet Danny and Ruben, the old high school crushes that got away. Annabel and Danny were in love, but he thought he was protecting her by leaving. Ruben was the player that was too scared to play for Amanda. Making up for lost time and picking up where they left off many years ago, the two couples find that love does really conquer all, well almost.

The other theme to this book, which I found uplifting, is the stars, when you look up at the sky and the stars are shining down, do you make a wish? Do you ever speak to them as if they were the loved ones you lost? Have you ever just needed a sign, an answer? I have and especially after this I will continue to do so.

Without giving too much away, this is a story about friendship, soul mates, and never giving up. It is about loss and how we handle it, but most importantly it is about love. Everyone goes through a tragedy or two in their lifetime, this is about the people that are there during that time and what you do for each other in that time of need. This hit me hard. This made me feel every emotion in such a short time that I am still reeling. I find this book to be both inspiring and truly heart breaking at the same time. I feel angry and relieved for having experienced this roller coaster ride of emotions, but I know that I am a better person for it.
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