Fly (Velocity, #1)Fly by Molly McLain
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Fly by Molly McLain is a fun story with great writing, no violence, some sexual content. It is written in 3rd person narration.

Fly is written by Molly McLain, and while she is a new to me author, in my opinion Molly needs to keep writing! This book ends in a cliff hanger that left me screaming!! (Even scared my kids a little!) I have heard part two comes out in May and I can not wait to read what happens with Colton and Taylor!

We are first introduced to Colton, a fast rising motorcycle star who wants to make it big in the FMX circuit and still be himself. He is living the high life without much care in the world. While his best friend Taylor is back home taking care of her parents and Colton’s house. Taylor is a strong woman. She is faithful to her friends and family, even when she gets the short end of the stick.
Taylor and Colton have an amazing friendship that one day turns into something different. They both realize they want more from each other and the one night they spend together changes everything. Colton’s love for riding and being #1 may risk losing Taylor as his best friend. It’s hard for them both to realize that not only to do they love each other but they are in love with each other as well.
“The gesture is slow and deliberate and, if he were anyone else, I’d mistake the weight in his gaze as longing. I know better though. He’s just missed me. Like I’ve missed him.”

Taylor is a young woman who puts her college education and dreams on hold for her family. When she realizes there is nothing left at home holding here there, she sets her sights back on her dreams and plans. However after that one night with Colton, some of those dreams and plans change.
As with all great stories, there must be a villain. Molly McLain introduces us to a grade A villain named Bria. Trust me when I say you will hate her as much as you love Colton and Taylor. Her sneaky, petty ways makes you hope that Taylor throat punches her, and soon!

Fly has all the elements of a 5 star read! Is it May yet?!

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