Forbidden Rose (Wildflowers Book 2)Forbidden Rose by Vivian Winslow
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Five amazing stars for Forbidden Rose by Vivian Winslow. Wonderfully written book, amazing chemistry between characters and a story line anyone could get lost in. Enter the world of creating a business and a passion that is clearly there.

Rosa, owner of Mama Linda’s Latin Food Empire, is set to make her mark in the world without her family help or name. She seeks out family friend, Elieso Perez a chef who wants to leave his mark on the world through the kitchen, to help her in her new upscale restaurant in Miami. Being Cuban, many things are expected of Rosa like children and marriage, but her dream is to just be successful with her restaurant. But you know what they say, love hits when you least expect it. Feelings between Rosa and Elieso hit fast and hard but both are trying to keep things very simple for buiness purposes. These two cooking in the kitchen, building this business together, connecting on similar interests make this book truly an amazing read. Add in some drama, you will be hooked, just like I was.

Vivian Winslow again takes on an amazing journey with amazing characters, amazing story line, and the secrets that Rosa handles wonderfully. You see two characters grow, love, and make a beautiful story unfold before your eyes. The intimacy and chemistry Rosa and Elieso have will knock your socks off, even with some of the “racy” words. I know longer cringe at them, they made the scenes POP! The details of the amazing drinks and food, will leave your mouth watering. The writing, the research put into this book shows just what an amazing author Winslow truly is. Elieso does have a past, I sure hope this leads to more stories in an amazing series that I will be very interested in reading. Vivian Winslow poured her heart out in an amazing, hot, angst, read that will draw in any romance or new adult genre readers and have them begging for more. BRAVO Vivian Winslow on a job very very well done!
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