Forever Home (Sawtooth Shifters #1)Forever Home by Kristen Strassel
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Trina was broken inside after her fiancée died. The only thing that kept her sane was the animal shelter. Caring for the animals gave her life meaning so when she heard about the dog fights, she had to save them.

Shadow and the rest of his pack had been caught and forced to stay in wolf form. The fights were their only chance of survival and freedom. There have always been rivalries amongst packs in Granger Falls but now they had to work together to break free from Ryker and his thugs.

From the moment Shadow laid eyes on Trina, he knew he would do anything for her. She saved him and his brothers from certain death. She was his savior and he would be forever in her debt. Watching her day after day, tending to his wounds, he fell in love. How would she react when he turned back into a man come the full moon? An enjoyment to read.
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