Frantic (Frenzy #2)Frantic by Casey L. Bond
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Wow! Casey brought it with Frantic! If you have not read Frenzy, you need to it starts at the beginning. I read it before I started Frantic and I would have been lost. Vengeance, Such a Sweet word, it tempted those who sought it like a siren into dangerous waters. This book is unlike anything I have read. It has Vampires and Zombies. It leaves you speechless and your thinking What the Crap just happened. You find yourself on the edge of your seat biting your nails waiting for the other foot to drop. After the world was ravaged by a viral apocalypse, Blackwater is one of the only Colonies that remains. The survivors came together to create this sage haven. The well being of its residents is an established treaty with the night walkers. But lately people in Blackwater have been dying and the humans believe the night walkers are to blame. Danger seems to come at them from all sides. Casey’s writing flowed so well you could even imagine yourself in the story with them, smelling the things they describe them. A virus as infected everyone outside of town. Those in town are fighting to not get the virus. The town takes turns in groups of 5 to do rotations. Rotations are where citizens go out into the woods to hunt under the protection of the night walkers. In exchange those in rotation feed the night walkers. Porschia has been bitten and has to drink Vampire blood in the ring when she volunteers to go out on rotation. The hunger she feels is constant and she feels like it is consuming her. She has so much pain ad sickness, she thinks something went wrong when she was changed. But she cannot keep blood down, but she can eat raw meat. She will die if she cannot learn to feed or she will die. This is a different take on Vampires and Zombies in a dystopian world. Better watch out, these Vampires do not Sparkle! I cannot wait to read the next one in this series. Bravo Casey Bravo.
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