Furious (Faith McMann)Furious by T.R. Ragan
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Kidnapping and human trafficking is on the rise in this world we need to better understand it and fight it with everything we got. This is very terrifying as Ms. Ragan has shown us by this well researched story.
This is the first book of Ms. Ragan that I have read and I simply loved it. I read this book in 3hours and by far this is my favorite book in 2016. I will say there is a big cliff hanger and there is child trafficking, rape, kidnapping, and murder. So if any of these will set a trigger off please do not read this book.
Ms.Ragan’s words pulled at my heart in more ways than one especially since I am a mother and a grandmother. I wanted to cry, scream and strangle someone the whole time.
What would you do if walked in your home to see it ransacked and your husband and kids are bound by duck taped? Then to see your husband murdered, and your kids kidnapped, and you were left for dead. This is Faith McMann’s story she lived and she is fighting to find and save her children.
Faith McMann is another heroine that overcomes a tragedy and comes out kicking ass. She fearlessly takes on a horrifying crime of human trafficking. Faith comes from a tight knit family of good people, and they will do anything to help to help. She has even found someone to help her.
What does this elementary school teacher do to find her children? Who does she turn to for help? You have to read Furious to find out.
I hate that I have to wait for book #2 in the ‘Faith McMann series because it’s killing me to know what is happening. Please make sure you have a box of tissues available…..
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