His Only SalvationHis Only Salvation by Skye Turner
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His Only Salvation by Skye Turner is a romantic suspense that takes place in Louisiana. Hope runs a shelter for abused women and children. She has always helped others and this shelter is almost everything to her. The rest of her is consumed by the two men she loves. Gabrial, crime lord of Southern Louisiana, and Luke, the detective trying to put Gabrial away. The three share a complicated history and over the years the two men could no longer remain friends, but each man still loves the same woman: Hope.

Gabrial covers the tall, dark, and handsome aspect of the book. He’s brooding, he’s dangerous, and he’s possessive. I’m Gabrial DeLucca. I do not share. Everything I have is mine…mine. But not Hope…Hope is not solely mine. Her body is mine. I know that she responds to me as if we are two pieces of the same whole, but her heart…her heart is split. Half mine…and half Luke’s.

If Gabrial is the dark, then Luke is the light. He’s fun, lighthearted, and on the right side of the law. I gasp in mock outrage. “How dare you? Jim Carrey is hilarious!” He shakes his head and says sadly, “I’m afraid you’re incorrect. He’s dumb and obnoxious, not funny. The only movie he was even in that was worth a damn was Liar Liar and maybe the Grinch one.” Hate to say it, but Luke is right about this one. Maybe that’s why I was so taken with him. As much as he loves Hope, he knows part of her belongs to Gabrial. He never forces her to choose—in fact neither do—but he does set boundaries within their relationship and Hope respects that about him. She doesn’t like it, but she respects it.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat. The prologue dragged me under and I just kept waiting for the damage to hit. I knew it would be big, hell, the prologue is where the suspense happens, but I knew there would be more. And. There. Was. So much more! His Only Salvation is the first of Skye Turner’s books that I have read, but it will not be my last. I look forward to more romantic suspense from this author.
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