Into His Command (The Cimarron Series Book 2)Into His Command by Angel Payne
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Hot, action packed, passion, and two broken character’s make this FIVE star read a page turner. Into his Command is the second book in the Cimarron Series by Angel Payne. Angels writing in this book is utterly amazing. Written in the first person, truly connecting you to Brooke Valen, a main character in the book. Explosive amazing sex scenes that will leave you bothered and enough violence to keep this strong story intriguing.

Needing to be protected and hidden Samsyn Cimarron, the leader of the Arcadian army and protector of the royal family, brings Brooke Valen to Arcadia. Over the years Brooke has trained to be a warrior all while fighting the attraction to Samsyn. Finally, one fateful day, they both stop fighting the feelings they both have into a night of explosive sex. While Brooke wants it all, Samsyn truly can only give her one thing she desires, them together only in bed. Hurt by his families lack of staying faithful, Samsyn doesn’t trust anyone or let anyone in. Someone is out to hurt and destroy the Royal family, leading Samsyn to act as king of Arcadia and needing a wife to help, Brooke and him married. Brooke loves Samsyn deeply and whole heartily but breaking Samsyns walls has proven to not be an easy task. When tragedy strikes, Samsyn wakes up and finally realizes just what he stands to lose.

Angel Payne has done it again, two tainted souls, strong warriors, brought together in such a raw connection. Angel draws you in with a journey of demons, deep emotion’s, that is felt with every word, every sexual encounter that you will be left touched in many ways. This story will make you sad, make you angry, make you sigh, make you laugh, and overall make you fall more in love with Arcadia and the royal family. Angel Payne’s books are stories to get lost in, draws you in with character’s you can attach yourself too and not want to let go, she again has outdone herself yet again. Sit back and enjoy the ride of Brooke, Samsyn, and the Royal Family. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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