Into the HeatInto the Heat by Tamara Lush
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I pretty much liked it from the beginning and that was how I was able to fly through it. We meet Leo Villeneuve who is a wounded, tattooed, Afghanistan war veteran who is trying to deal with his PTSD and sleep walking and sleep driving. He returns to Florida to open a bakery for his father and expand their business into Florida. While on the beach he runs into Jessica Clarke the woman he has not forgotten or stopped loving in the last 5 years. Jessica Clarke is running her family bed and breakfast after the sudden death of her mother. Leo was her first love and she has not been able to get over him all these years later. Her boyfriend cheated on her repeatedly after she was unable to have sex with him. She had a condition that made sex so painful she didn’t want to do it with him. Jessica also has some body issues because she is not stick thin. So she’s dealing with her own pain so to speak. After they run into each other you can feel their attraction. 5 years ago it was love at first sight. After a pregnancy scare their parents decide they don’t need to see each other again. Which leads to Leo’s sudden disappearance from Jessica’s life without him ever saying goodbye. So in the present there is a lot of insecurities and hurt from the past and you find yourself hoping they can overcome them. Secrets are brought to light which threaten to tear them apart before they really have a chance to begin. One of the things I really liked about this book was that the author chose to write the main female character with curves and like a real woman. So
Many women are written stick thin so it was refreshing to see a woman with curves. My favorite part was the epilogue. It gave me the update I needed to feel that the story was complete and essentially tied everything up. Anyway it was a very good book and I would read others by this author if given the opportunity.
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