Just A NumberJust A Number by Fifi Flowers
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We’re just a number, that’s it. No details, no questions. NADA!
Willow and Dash believe in the same thing, just sex no questions, no feelings. It’s all fun and games until….

We meet Willow in the beginning, she’s your everyday go getter. Daily routine’s nothing out of the usual. Work, work and more work. She’s strong, open minded and determined. Nothing can get in her way, that is until now. One too many drinks may be her undoing.

We then meet Dash, the “rockstar-yoga-guru”. He is also a go getter, always determined to go above and beyond for his clients. Unlike his friends he’s looking for nothing serious, just a quick “roll in bed”. Everything seems to be ok, that is until that one night at the bar. His “corporate girl with those icy blue eyes” she haunts him everywhere he goes, he thinks it’s just his imagination until……the waves spit her out of the sea!

Yes, that exactly! The waves spit her out. It is then that Dash “finds” his corporate girl, the one who has been haunting him for the past weeks. Coincidence? I think not, more like fate.

Can they overcome their rules and be together? What if it doesn’t work out? What if he wants more than just sex? Does she feel the same way? These are all questions both Willow and Dash think of constantly. They are too worried that they may not “mix” well but in reality they need each other more than they think. Will it be a good reason to break their rules?

Just a Number is a great story, we all deserve a shot at finding true love. Sometimes we may think we don’t want anything to do with the “L” word, when in reality deep down, we do want it.

This story was full of awesome quotes! My favorite being “Does anything remove that red lipstick from your mouth?” I smiled thinking of a few things that might. “It’s magical. Guaranteed not to smear or come off during kissing. It’s completely kissable.”“Is that so?” His blue eyes held my longing gaze. “Maybe you should test it.”

Whoa! Talk about steamy!!! I want to go buy red lipstick and hope someone asks me the same, preferably a “rockstar-yoga-guru”.
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