KillerKiller by Heather C. Leigh
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4.5 Stars
Killer by Heather C. Leigh is the very first book that I have read by this author and I loved it! I have to admit that I do have quite a few of her books on my Kindle that I have yet to get to due to my ever growing list but I am definitely moving them up for sure after this book. The writing was great, it gripped me from the start and kept me glued until the very end. Yes, this was certainly one of those stories that held my attention captive and I just couldn’t put my Kindle down. There was violence at appropriate times throughout and given the nature behind most of the storyline it was definitely necessary to portray it. The sex scenes were hot, steamy and very, very sexy. I am squirming right now just thinking about how in “control” Keller was with Britton and I loved it!

You may wondering what this book is about, heck, I know I had no idea what to expect after reading that synopsis. So, I did what I thought was the best way for me to start this book and I went in blind. I decided that I was going to go out of my comfort zone, even though I had never read this author’s work before, I didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be the best move. This is a story that I definitely do not want to give away the plot because personally, I think the reader would enjoy the book much more not knowing what to expect.

What I will say is that as soon as I got through that opening page, I was like whoa, this is definitely not what I had remotely expected and THAT feeling alone set the tone for the rest of the book! I was hooked, when I say I had chills reading the first few pages, that’s an understatement. Author Heather C. Leigh took such a tragic event that is unfortunately so common in this day and age and made it into something so beautiful, I just have no words. The horrific event that both of these characters share, have experienced it in completely different ways, it was mind-blowing. The author handled this particular type of storyline with compassion, class and respect in the most sensitive and caring way possible.

Moving on to the main characters, Keller a.k.a. Killer and Britton, they were two beautifully broken characters and gosh did I LOVE them BOTH! Britton’s backstory is just gut-wrenching, it’s just so beyond tragic that I have no words to even describe the hell that she lived through. I was devastated for her. She truly brought herself back up physically and mentally and let me tell you I adored and cherished this woman. My heart hurt so badly for her having to feel like she needed to keep all of her fears and physical disabilities to herself for fear of pity from others. To the outside world, she was beautiful, smart, strong, she was the most put together woman and yet on the inside she was a frightened little girl and I wanted so badly to just reach thought my Kindle and hug her!

Keller, a.k.a. Killer, oh boy, this man was just, arghhhhhhh, he was hot, sexy, broody, dominant and yet underneath his tough guy exterior, he was so broken inside from all of the guilt, hurt and suffering that he had to endure in his younger life. I loved this man from the start and my love just kept intensifying for him the more that I read. His initial attraction to Britton made my heart start to flutter again and as the story progressed, whoa, I was in love and lust for this man completely. I loved that I was able to invest and connect with these characters. I applaud the author for creating such characters. They were both so real, raw, and totally relatable in so many ways to me as the reader and it helped me feel like I genuinely “knew” them.

Why not 5 Stars, well for me, I wanted a bit more in the relationship build in the latter half of the story. I also got frustrated that they both held back their secrets for so long. I had wished that they had been able to confide in one another sooner because I would have truly loved watching them help each other cope. The first half of the book was a 5 star read for me but the latter half felt too rushed. Yes, I say rushed and I mean that as a compliment because I loved Keller and Britton so much that I wanted to see more with them together as a real couple, fighting their “battles”, facing their fears, etc. Other than that minor issue, this was a fantastic read!

Congrats, Author Heather C. Leigh, I am now an official fan and I look forward to reading much more of your work in the near future.
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