Kiss ChaseyKiss Chasey by Misti Murphy
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Wow, amazing story of Scorch and Chasey. I have not read a book with a storyline such as this one, it kept me engrossed and hard to put this book down. Misti Murphy is an amazing writer and I enjoyed this story and will be looking forward to reading more of her work.

Chasey had been dealing with lot of negative happenings in her life for the last few years. Three years prior her brother was killed in Afghanistan, then last year she was assaulted. Her friends Molly and Harry have been by her side to help her emotionally, but she is becoming more into seclusion and reads romance books. Molly teases Chasey about her obsession with her book and her bookmark. Her bookmark is a handsome friend of her brother Jonathan during his time in the marines.

On her birthday her friends make an effort and bring her out with them to celebrate. She is reluctant to go. After leaving the club, Chasey feels funny and is having a hard time keeping her eyes open. When a man comes up to her and escorts her to his vehicle she is to out of it to know right or wrong. In the morning she is rescued by a very hot motorcycle driver that happens to see her abductor and herself on the side of the road.

It comes to the attention of Scorch that Chasey does not know she is in a fantasy kidnapping. Scorch starts to drive Chasey home when she decides she doesn’t want to go home. Soon enough they are going the opposite direction. Scorch soon finds that someone is after Chasey. He attempts to get help so she doesn’t get hurt, but they get ambushed by men that he doesn’t know what is happening in her life to attract these men to come after her. Can Scorch become a real hero?
Scorch was with Chasey’s brother in Afghanistan and was the only survivor. Since then he blames himself for the ambush and has believed he should be dead and everyone else should have survived.

There are so many twist and turns in this story, when you think you figured out what was going on there is another twist. Amazing read.

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