Kiss Kill Love Him StillKiss Kill Love Him Still by Jamie Blair
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Kiss Kill Love Him Still by Jamie Blair was an easy to read first installment about four very different girls, Reggie, Haddie, Val, and Livie, who attend the same university. All four girls have a relationship with Jackson Landis, a fellow student at the university, without knowing about the other girls’ roles in his life. Until Jackson turns up dead, and no one can pinpoint how he died, or who might have killed him

“It doesn’t seem possible that Full of Life Jackson Landis, Life of the Party Jackson Landis, Every Girl’s Dream Jackson Landis is now Dead and Gone Jackson Landis.”

Reggie is the school bad girl. She has drug connections, and lives on her own, not at all worried about her classes or social standing among the student body. Haddie is an overweight, self-proclaimed nerd, who works in the school library, and tries to desperately fade into the background, where she can avoid being made fun off or looked down upon. Livie is the gorgeous rich girl that everyone knows, and Jackson’s girlfriend up until his death. And Val is a good student with a drinking problem, just trying to get through her seemingly average life.

Jackson was not at all the person that the girls believed he was. He kept the secrets of all four of the girls, and used those secrets and a few of his own lies to blackmail each of them into doing what he wanted. So as the circumstances surrounding his death come to light, the paths of the four girls cross as they each try to discover who the murderer is.

Jamie Blair drops you right into the midst of the mystery and action of her story from chapter one. Each chapter chronicles the thoughts and experiences of one of the four main characters, alternating between their perspectives from chapter to chapter, and putting you right into the characters heads, sharing their deepest feelings and emotions with you. However, I personally had trouble following some of the action, because the setting of the scene was not always totally clear. There are moderate sexual situations and profanity throughout the book. I give this book three out of five stars, because of the slightly disjointed nature of some of the scenes. The ending also comes without much resolution and a huge cliffhanger, which left me very curious about where Ms. Blair plans to take this group of girls next, in Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good cozy, but lively mystery that twists and turns with each page.
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