Kiss Me in Christmas (Christmas, Colorado, #6)Kiss Me in Christmas by Debbie Mason
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Kiss Me in Christmas by Debbie Mason is a sweet, standalone romance novel that takes place in the fictional town of Christmas, Colorado. The novel focuses on the past history and complicated relationship between soap star Chloe O’Connor and her longstanding crush Easton McBride. Chloe has flown back to town from Los Angeles for her sister’s engagement party and has brought drama along as her date. Easton, though cautious and critical of Chloe’s purpose for being back in town initially, warms up to Chloe and sparks begin to fly.

Both Chloe and Easton have well developed and distinct characteristics. Both sport nicknames that give insight into their personalities as well. Easton enjoys calling Chloe “Scarlett” due to her flamboyant tendencies and flair for the dramatic, while Easton is Chloe’s version of a white knight. He is always coming to the rescue even when he believes Chloe’s messes are of her own making. They actually seem very different and incompatible with one another at first, but as their story unfolds, it becomes apparent that their differences complement one another. They are constantly at odds with one another over Chloe’s sisters’ engagement as well as living arrangements and their quirky families only serve to intensify the drama.

Indeed, a unique aspect of this novel is that both their families are tightly intertwined with one another. Easton’s dad is married to Chloe’s mom, so an important aspect of their story is familial interference. In a town like Christmas, nothing is kept secret for long. Because of the rich cast of characters, readers not only get to know Chloe and Easton but also their support systems and acquaintances. The author includes characters from previous Christmas, Colorado novels, so if you are someone who enjoys catching up on past H/H’s, then I would definitely recommend Debbie Mason’s Christmas, Colorado series. Though there is no need to read the previous novels before reading Kiss Me in Christmas, the secondary characters have intriguing backstories, and it would be worth going back to read the previous novels.
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