Knot (Road Kill MC, #2)Knot by Marata Eros
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Knot, book two in the Road Kill MC novellas, picks up right where Noose left us hanging. Rose has been taken by Drake and the Chaos MC and Noose has been left to decide Rose’s fate with the club. Will he throw down and claim Rose as his or will he leave her to Drake and his club?

I don’t know when I fell for her. Now that I think about it, I think it was over for me before me and Rose even began. She looked at me. Just one look. Love at first sight is bullshit. Until it happens to your ass.

Noose’s feelings for Rose are beyond what he can comprehend or control. When he realizes Drake has taken Rose, he enlists the club for help. This part of the story is full of possible triggers for some. It isn’t an easy read as it deals with rape and murder Drake has plans beyond anyone’s understanding when he takes Rose. Does he plan to hurt her? Yes, but you’ll never know it by looking at her. You’ll never prove it. It’ll be all in her mind because he is going to deliver a special kind of torture. Noose has no idea.

When Noose finally gets things in order to go after Rose, he knows, deep down, that he wants to kill Drake and anyone else who may harm her. Killing by rope is intimate, kinda like knife fighting. Can’t kill someone easily at a distance with either thing, though if you can throw a blade accurately, that can work in a tight spot. I won’t be in a tight spot.

This book delivers on most of the feels. I laughed, I hurt, and I felt the connection between these two characters. They each feel deeply for one another, even if they aren’t ready for what that means. I can’t wait to read Rose so I can see how this all wraps up.

“You’re mine, Rose. You were mine before I met you. You’re mine now. You just don’t know it.”
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