Lessons of the HeartLessons of the Heart by Jodie Larson
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The story takes place in Connecticut, it is about an 18 year old high school senior named, Britta Fosse. She is very smart and devoted to her studies in high school. She is a teacher’s aide as well. Britta’s best friend is Penny and they have been best friends most all of their lives. They share everything. Britta has a brother named Liam who is always flirting with Penny because he likes her. Liam is older than Britta and has graduated high school but still lives at home while he attends college.
Britta was working as a teacher’s aide when she ran into the most handsome man she had ever seen. She literally ran in to him and was knocked down to the floor. James Dumont was the handsome man she ran into and he helped her from the floor to her feet. Britta had no idea that James Dumont was going to be her new Geography teacher and he had no idea that she was a student and not a teacher. Things got interesting when they found out who each of them actually were on Monday. It was hard for Britta to sit in his class and not just swoon over him. Mr. Dumont had a hard time with other boys showing her attention as well.
Liam helps Britta a lot, he is a caring brother and is always there for her. I loved the cat and mouse game that Liam and Penny always had going on in the story it made it fun to read.
The story is a teacher/student relationship story which was fun to read and make you wonder if and when they would get caught. I truly loved reading this story it was a nice love story. I encourage you to read this…
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