Limitless: The Story of Knox and Emery JaneLimitless: The Story of Knox and Emery Jane by Danielle Ione
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I was captured right from the beginning. My heart broke for Knox and his son Maddox. Knox wants so badly to be with his son and raise him with nothing but love. Unfortunately, Maddox is living with his druggie, dead beat mom. Knox has tried everything to get his son away from her, however one night his luck changes in a scary twist for Maddox. Will Knox be able to help Maddox move forward from his ordeal?

We also meet Emery Jane who is on the run from her past. She yearns to find a place that she can finally call home. She meets Knox and while on a date with him, he gets a call from his son Maddox, thank goodness she was with him when he went to get his son. The horror they walked in on was sad and my heart broke with what was discovered.

Both of Emery Jane and Knox’s past seem to connect them in a certain way. And the past is always threatening to come out. Can they trust in each other and move forward with their relationship? Their sexual connection was very hot and steamy.

“In a matter of a day you flipped my world upside down, and in less than a week, you had me not only head over heels in love with you, but feeling like I had another reason to live.”

What a great debut novel for Danielle Ione. There were so many twists you didn’t know what else was coming. Quite a shocker towards the end, didn’t see that coming. Limitless does not have a cliffhanger and I really enjoyed seeing into the future with this HEA story. Thank you for the great read, I suggest you 1-Click and get started with this great book.
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