Lost Without YouLost Without You by Annalise Blaze
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Wonderful book about love, truth, trust, betrayal and friendship. LOST WITHOUT YOU was written in a unique style. Hope Winters and Raphael Lacroix, known to his friends as Rafe, are the two main characters. The book focuses on their love story and tells the story from each of their perspective. I really liked this feature because it let you know exactly how each person was feeling during every situation.

Hope and Rafe are engaged to be married. They are deeply in love, but unforeseen circumstances threaten to disrupt their eternal bliss. Hope had been married before to Christian Blakely. The marriage did not last because Christian, also known as Chris, was unfaithful to Hope. Due to the problems in her first marriage, Hope had tremendous trust issues. Honesty was extremely important to her.

Rafe is an extraordinarily successful businessman, and remarkably handsome. He has had a history of women who want him only for his wealth, and up until the time he met Hope, he wasn’t attracted to any of them.

Rafe had an extremely drunken one night stand with Keri Devereux, a friend of the family, prior to his relationship with Hope. Keri is unstable and convinced that she and Rafe belong together. She goes to great lengths to cause problems for Rafe and Hope. Rafe tries to ignore her, but he has a very bad feeling that something is going to screw up his engagement to Hope. Hope is starting to feel that something is wrong between her and Rafe as well. Both are determined to do everything they could to make it work.

Rafe agrees to meet with Keri to find out what she is up to and put a stop to her interfering. A little too late. While they are meeting, Keri arranges to have pictures of her and Rafe during their one night stand delivered to Hope. Rafe was not aware that these pictures existed and by the time he got home Hope had already seen them, packed and left without any indication as to where she was. Keri also added a letter stating that Rafe belonged to her and he was only playing with Hope. Rafe was beside himself with guilt and worry. He would do anything to bring Hope back to him.

Hope let her best friend, Lilli Parker, know what had happened and that she didn’t want anyone to know where she was going. She needed time to figure things out. She just couldn’t believe that Rafe could treat her in the same manner that her ex-husband, Chris had. Lilli and Hope own Red Queen Catering together, and Lilli assured her that she would take care of things at work and for Hope to keep in touch with her.

This is where things really get complicated and interesting. You need to read this book to see what great lengths Rafe will go to to prove his love for Hope. There are lots of high emotions, tears of laughter and hurt, anger, true friendship, and a few very nice surprises.
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