MINE For One NightMINE For One Night by Ju Ephraime
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MINE For One Night Book 1 of The Twin To Twin Series by Ju Ephraime is a very steamy and suspenseful story of one women and two brothers. Lynn LaFonteau is an accomplished business woman working as a software engineer and usually comes off as unapproachable, which is why she is surprised when Nate asks her on a date after seeing her in the supermarket after putting him off for weeks she finally says yes to a date, but only after seeing his twin brother Nicholae. Lynn has always had a thing for twins, but she is more attracted to Nicholae than she is Nate. After being being promoted Lynn has one to many drinks and “needing to scratch an itch” decides to call Nate they had already been together once and only once but even though it wasn’t very satisfying Lynn figures she can just imagine its Nicholae. Lynn and Nicholae’s relationship is very secretive and full of misunderstandings and unspoken feelings but eventually they both figure out how they feel for each-other and so there is only one more obstacle before they can be truly together, how to tell Nate.
Nicholae and Nate Claymore are twin brothers that have always had each-others backs and tend to share everything even women occasionally unless they care for the woman and the minute Nicholae met Lynn he knew he had to have her and the only thing stopping him is his brother, but after taking an opportunity he couldn’t pass up Lynn becomes his lover. Throughout the whole story I was afraid that Nate would find them together I love Nicholae and Lynn’s relationship you can tell through words that they are in love Ju Ephraime did an amazing job of portraying their relationship and feelings to the reader and also had me on the edge many times when I thought there was going to be major drama! Ju Ephraime is an amazing author and I can’t wait to read book 2 of The Twin To Twin Series!
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