Noose (Road Kill MC, #1)Noose by Marata Eros
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Noose, the first novella in the Road Kill MC series, focuses on Noose and Rose. From two completely different worlds, their paths collide when Noose finds himself in her line at the bank. Making a deposit for the MC, he is all male. He’s big, he’s cut, and his presence is hard to miss. Rose does not miss his presence. Yet, she has the sense of mind to not let her emotions show. Is this a love at first sight book? Yes and no. Yes, the initial attraction is strong and intense and they both know they want each other. However, Rose is hesitant because her sister was once mixed up with a biker and it did not end well for her. Noose keeps track of Rose and learns what he can as soon as he realizes a rival MC is lurking around. Noose has this desire to protect Rose—all from their first encounter at the bank!
Rose is terrified of Noose, but not because she is afraid he will hurt her. She is afraid of how she feels when she sees him. Noose is all this but somehow more. There’s a vibrating energy to him, a substance. I don’t know what it is, but that wonderful intensity responds to mine like a harmony to a melody.
Noose is terrified for Rose, but not because he thinks he will hurt her. He is terrified others have and will hurt her again. I pull back to study the evidence of another man’s fingers on her throat. To my surprise, I kiss each one. “No one”—peck, suck, lick—“will ever touch you in violence again.”
So, yes, insta-love, but it’s written well and I definitely enjoyed the story. Now, on to book two because this one had quite the little cliffhanger…
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