Of Ice and Snow (Fairy Queens .5)Of Ice and Snow by Amber Argyle
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Otec had a pretty good life. Being the middle child of the Clan Chief, nothing was expected of him. He spent his summers in the mountains with the sheep only returning for the winter. This year was the turning point in his life.

Upon returning to the village, he found all the men had gone to fight the Raiders near the coast. Hundreds of Highmen from Svassheim was camped at the east end of the village. Matka was unlike any woman he had ever met before. She is small yet strong, beautiful and creative. Fearless and vulnerable at the same time.

She convinces Otec to take her up in the mountains to find a particular flower that she needs. After two days climbing the mountain, they wake up to find his village is being raided. They can see the houses burning. Realizing Matka and her people betrayed them, his fury consumes him.

Aching to return home to save his family, Matka convinces him to travel to the next village for help and reinforcements. How can he trust her when she is the enemy?

Otec is thrust into becoming leader of his clan. Unprepared and unwilling, he must lead his men into war to protect the Shyle. He must become a man fast and make hard decisions for the best of the clan.

“ Sometimes you have to lose a sheep in order to save the herd”
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