One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars (The Devil's Own, #1)One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars by Amo Jones
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The story of Beast and Meadow is a strange one, this book is a mix of genres that make it interesting. Meadow is a young women living a ghastly and horrific existence, with her mom dead and a father that is monstrous scum of the earth. She is always scared and in pain and no one seems to notice or care. This goes on until she is Fourteen. One night while Meadow and her father were residing at yet another hotel, she is again about to suffer abuse at the hands of a man she was born to, when a young man kicks the door in and yanks her father away.
Someone cared enough to help her in a situation where most would gladly look away.
From that night forward her life Changes for the better, but she never forgets her savior.

Beast wasn’t born into a normal situation so he goes through life wondering about himself and his parents. He is a boy with an unbroken spirt and in his life, it only makes his matters worse. The things that Beast survived and still remains intact are hard to fathom or explain. Soon enough he believes he is the beast he is named but still is unbroken. When he finally breaks free, he has left behind pieces of himself and his main goal is to go back and get them and a little revenge. First he needs to establish a life for himself and a home for Jada (Beast’s sister of sorts) to come home to. Hella his best friend and brother, has connections in California so that’s where they go.
“We will break you, shake you, and bleed you out until you have nothing left to give. And then just when you think you’ve given up and that you don’t want to live anymore-we will create you as one of our own.”
The bad guys in this book are also very interesting. They are a group called THE ARMY, and other than what directly happens with Beast, Hella and Jada, there is not much known.
This book was very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how this series progresses. It’s definitely not your typical Biker and Babe romance. Good read!
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