One Night in Vegas (The One Night Series Book 1)One Night in Vegas by Mari Carr
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One night in Vegas is a novella. It has 6 stories in one book. It’s about doms in Vegas. The thing they all have in common is they are at Mr. Nyte hotels.

Mari Carr wrote Winner Takes All. Noah and Hollie were on a competition show. Nine months was building between the two. The ending was cute.

Red Phoenix wrote Stud Poker. This was a bit more interesting. I did like the poker game. The way it ended was ideal for me also. Brad was perfect. Shey was getting what she wanted.

Angel Payne wrote Wild Card. Jen was a klutz and Sam was her knight in shining armor. Ending was anticipated with this. They gave each other their fantasy come true.

Sierra Cartwright wrote Hard Hand. Avery and Cole were interesting. At the party in the bathroom is what drew me in about this story. Avery thought Cole did not really know who she was, but he knew the whole time.

Jenna Jacob wrote Sin City Submission. Ava and Quinn were dominant and sub for over 3 years and Ava had done got comfortable in her position. Quinn had also but thought it was high time to up the ante.

Victoria Blue wrote No Lucky Number. Drake and his friend Fletcher, were going for the same girl, Talia. She overheard the conversation between the two brothers. Talia wanted it as bad as they did, she just didn’t let them know. They went to Vegas and was in a suite with two rooms. This was a nice story, the way the men had Talia feeling. Little more erotica in this story, than the others.
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