Our Time (The Rub Down #2)Our Time by Gina Sheldon
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Our Time is the second book I have read from Gina Sheldon. This is her second book in her Rub Down series. You meet all the characters in book one but you could read them as standalones if you wanted. I absolutely LOVED the Rub Down and was giddy with excitement waiting for the second book and she most definitely didn’t disappoint.

Danny is part owner of The Rub Down and a masseuse while Elle is an aesthetician at The Rub Down and is Luke’s (The other partner) sister. Now Elle has been through the wringer in life so she tends to keep to herself and works long hours to keep herself busy and her life organized. Danny has been in love with Elle for years but he’s never acted on his feelings because he knew she was in such a hard place. It was also difficult because she was his best friend’s / partner’s sister. That’s one relationship you never want to mess with! After watching her crumble all those years ago and holding her when she needed it the most, he couldn’t help himself but want her. Fortunately, Elle wants him too but never thought he was into her.

The bond between Elle and Danny is strong from the very beginning. They are close friends and both have dealt with her past which only made their relationship stronger. They both kind of do the awkward dance where there’s sexual tension but yet both deny it and try to stay in the friend zone. Someone from Elle’s tough past pops up and she starts heading toward her downward spiral again but Danny and her brother won’t allow it.

Elle is such a strong character. The things she faced when she was younger and the decisions she made were not easy ones but they show how strong she is even though she thinks she’s weak and her life is out of control. I loved seeing her take back her life and show everyone the strong woman she is. Danny’s devotion to her is totally swoon worthy. The story is beautiful and will capture your heart. I can’t wait to see who is getting their HEA next at The Rub Down!
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